How to download more then the Firefox Download limit of two files at the same time

According to Lunarmedia Blog:

Firefox have this limitation of downloading only 2 files at one time and always have to wait for the available slots after one of them is completed before able to download again.

This limitation sometimes is a bit problem for me as I download lots of files everyday. So after seeking out the solution via the above mentioned blog, I finally found the answer!

To Unlock the limitation simply follow the steps below.

Step 1 : type "about:config" in the address bar without the quotes

Step 2: Then search for this: network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server, double-click it and change the number 2 to e.g. 10.

The Word "Trade Secrets" and it's uses.

I had just had a good hang out with my friends yesterday night talking about many things such as Peak Oil and energy crisis...poking around with the supernatural here and there as it's the 7th Month of the Hungry Ghost Festival.

My friend Chee Xiong drove us (Manny, Mon and me) to Orchard road while Chee Xiong explains to us about the past histories of many scary locations in the area. On how one location near Orchard are used to be a cemetery for rich Chinese previously and how the MRT was built with many problems only to be resolved by burning offerings to the dead.

The mysterious night out ends by poking around about the future of Singapore and some ideas on how to improve the future.

Then comes my friend told me one key to secure a good living is to avoid telling everyone all my ideas and quote it as "Trade Secret".

This keyword for not revealing too much according to him is the key to be successful in businesses. There are business opportunities everywhere around us and only a slight improvements to the products and services compared to the competitors might prove to be a good venture or investment.

The things we purchase willingly will be the things that can sell easily, things that we cannot do without are too good businesses. Demand fuel supply, when there is a need in certain products there will always fast and efficient businessman to fill the supply. The problems is how to predict the next demand?

I will not reveal it as it's considered "Trade Secret"!!! (Psst...Internet have all the answers!)