Brand New Day After Vertical Marathon!

The day after Sunday's Vertical Marathon (72 floors + 01 rooftop), I had suddenly got enlightened that anything is possible no matter how hard it seems to be.

Being slightly asthmatic, I had found myself lying on the ground at mid way of the vertical marathon of Swiss Hotel, Lying there almost giving up...but I tell myself that I had to finish the matter what obstacles I faced!

On the last 20 floors to reach, one of the official offered water but told me if anyone take water won't be able to go up anymore as the water will make the body more difficult to go up.

The split second decision to skip the water drinking and carry on forward even if I am extremely thirsty and however one guy beside me went willingly to the door to have his final sip of water...probably ending his participation?

I was extremely exhausted and almost turned deathly pale due to my late night sleep and lack of water...there are one last video camera on the final 2 floor and I bet the guys below can see my death face up front...dragging myself up via the railings while 20+ fit individuals ran passed me without effort what so ever!

On the last few floors...there is one girl there cheering people on to go on!! I stopped and rested on the railing for dear life! And moved up more!

Step by brain was totally blank...other then that numbing sensation on my legs and my eyes forced to focus on the next step...and another...and another.

It's like walking on the biggest desert with the oasis so near...yet I felt every minute was like years...

One more floor! The girl shouted!

What?!? I scream! And I saw the last flight of steps in front of me before reaching the roof top for the final crossing point...two more guy fly passed me like they were possessed and shouted at me to move aside.

"Go go go!!" I shouted and wave them on...while i cringed on the last railing before reaching the roof top!

I tried to jog towards the finishing line...with the SUN blazing onto my skin burning me, I wanted to scream but no sound came out of my mouth.

I crossed the line and met my friend Jimmy who started off with me but reached there much earlier.

Yo!! You made it! Jimmy shouted at me!

"......." I couldn't speak...and I had grabbed a cold mineral water out of nowhere...and was given a medallion looking thing...on my neck by someone angelic with bright sun rays shining everywhere...while I untie my shoelaces to get the "tag" out of my shoe.

I made a hasty retreat to a shaded staircase below and sat down heavily...still trying to catch my breath.

There was a minor problem for the certificate collection for the age 30 - 39 men and women category that delayed for at least 2 hours before collection was hastily issued out after a women shouted at the girl that unfortunately stand there at the wrong time and wrong place.

There seemed to be a screw up at the printing side that caused the major delay but there was no explanation to us but we were just too happy to bug out of the place as the sun was very relentless at 12pm.

That's my experience for the vertical marathon, what's yours?