Injured leg argh...

Recently, I had bought a skateboard and relived my old childhood memories of skating around the neighborhood free like a bird.

All starts well with the new toy and I practically skate to work everyday!! I mean skate from home to MRT and from MRT to office and it reduced the time required to walk.

However, I am not a expert in skateboarding and realized I do not know how to stop properly. I press down on the floor too hard to slow down or push forward.

few days back, I felt the weird sensation on my right ankle after a "wipe out" fall during one of the night skateboarding session after work downstairs.

The pain slowly grows from minor issue to constant irritation, then comes today I finally feel too painful to even walk properly.

I went to a Chinese traditional medicine shop near Tiong Bahru MRT (7 min walk) at night and he pour some strong smelling oil on the injured part and RUBBED!!! ARGHHhh!!

I had almost screamed out but I grit my teeth and hold to the cushion on the bench while he push and rubbed!

Then my leg are wrapped in the sweet and strong smelling medicine and now wrapped like those dumping.

The instruction is that I cannot wash the injured leg for at least 2 days and possible 3 days!! Luckily, I managed to bath with one leg on a chair to reduce water flowing on it.

It's painful to bath sitting down, now I experienced first hand how the old folks feel when they are immobile and in pain. It's definitely not a fun event...

Tomorrow, I will still go to work...haha unless my hands are injured...I still can work arghhhhh haha..or maybe I take MC? No no ...too much work liao!