My Tilapia Turns Black! Nice!

My friend Felix and I caught several Tilapia (a.k.a. Japanese Fish possibly a Oreochromis niloticus about one month back. I am not quite sure if it's the right name but at first all of them is silver Grey color in my fish tank.

Now, one of them turning in a stunning BLACK color with pink tail.

I read about the male Tilapia will turn black when they are going to mating!! So I may get babies! LOL I think my 2 feet tank is not big enough!!

Random Images of my Shrimp Tank!!

I am taking some photos for the previous experiment for getting rid of BBA but realize there are more beautiful scene in my shrimp the ones below!

Trying out new experiment to get rid of BBA (Black Bush Algae)

Currently I have a BBA (Black Bush Algae) problem for my 2 feet planted fish tank for about 2 weeks now.

I had previously ignored the problem but only to find out it had spread across my whole planted fish tank!!

This is the photos of my tank being infected with BBA.

It's dark red in color and very hairy like a bush. It reminded me of those red worms that usually sold as fish food.

However, they are not the favorite food for my fishes s they spread quickly to many parts of the fish tank!!

I had tried switching off my 55Watt lights for 3 days, over dosing of "EXCEL" and putting 5 SAE & 2 Yamato Shrimps with no major improvement....

Now I like to experiment with the BBA in my other shrimp tank which is filled with hundreds of cherry shrimps. Hahaha...I trimmed some of the infected plants from the planted fish tank and migrated to the shrimp tank.

This is day 1 of the test. 8th September 2008 12.52am

DAY 2 of the experiment

There are significant reduction of BBA algae however, more can be done by the shrimps as strands of the BBA still exist on the plant that can be totally remove. Decided to put it longer in the tank to see if the shrimps can remove them totally...clean.

Day 3 of the experiment!!

I can safely say that the cherry shrimps definitely can clean my BBA effectively but it's still not 100% clean up yet...hehe