Super Lazy Cat!

This cat is alway there when I am going home from Bugis (Shaw Tower towards Bugish Junction) and he is so lazy haha

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Electric Cooker

I just caught this electric cooker at a coffee shop at bukit batok west ave 5 and I find this interesting as I seldom see electric cooker in the coffee shop before! Haha I am particularly amazed by the speed of the the cooking using this electric cooker.

My friend reminded me that there are some fake electric cooker that uses some kind of heater filament instead of magnetic induction method. So when you decide to use electric cooker, do make sure to demand magnetic induction type and it's even cheaper according to my friend! Well, when my renewable energy device is completed...maybe I will test this out as well to see how well it cooks! The goal of achieving zero fossil fuel consumption is near!