Cats! I Love Cats

I love cats and I used to raise many kittens!! I now cannot have any due to my Asthma haiz...However I can have my fix by taking photos of them!! :) Theses are some of my collections of Cats near my house and work place haha..

Hopefully you guys like it! :)

What is this?

I like to ask anyone who knows about herbal or knows stuff, what
exactly is this leave that my mum is insisting on me drinking the brew
from this. She claim that it will lower cholesterol and help on the blood

I am kind of skeptical about this claim but I had drink a few of these
brew from this leave (Boiling it with water and then drink the red

It's like drinking something unknown and a remedy that might be
potentially hazardous to life but since I did not have any reaction to
it so I guess it's not poisonous but does it really help my mum's
health? Like really helps in lowering cholesterol?

Macdonald's New Notice To Students

This is found in Macdonald of Bukit Batok 2nd Floor and it clearly states that Students are off limits to study at Macdonald at weekends and so bring in the non-students!! Wahaha...what does it mean to WIFI users like the general public?

I knew this is coming very soon...The peak hours is to avoid the peak hour lunch or dinner crowd that will definitely affect the number of tables available if the students linger around there.

This might just be a temporary measures as they will review how much they can earn from these students that filled up the tables during off peak hours...which is not much anyway.

So where will these students + WIFI enabled adults go to for their study or free internet fix? Post your suggestions by commenting below! Where can we surf online FREE and can allow students to stay as long as they like?

HOLY SD Card Reaching 32GB!!

According to CNET News


Toshiba bumping SDHC cards to 32GB

Toshiba announced it's reached the 32GB frontier with SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) flash memory cards, a successor to the widely used SD format that extends to bigger sizes.

Holy smokes! This is getting too much! 32GB SD Card can be how many DVD combined? So next time maybe it will replace CD/VCD/DVD forever!? How fast can this be? Anyone can give me a good answer?

Time to build a Video Player using SD CARD folks!

Latest update on this, I had taken a photo of my own SD Card and M2 Card and the size of it is almost the same as above...but I guess they are not the same. Haha...

Just researched on this SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) in wikipedia and it says plenty on SDHC and it's FAT32!! Great!

A new SD format, SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity, SD 2.0), allows capacities in excess of 2GB. SDHC uses the FAT32 file system which supports a higher data density than FAT16[10]. It uses the same form factor as SD, but the SD 2.0 standard in SDHC uses a different memory addressing method (sector addressing vs byte addressing), thus theoretically reaching a maximum capacity of up to 2048GB. SDHC cards only work in SDHC compatible devices, but standard SD cards work in both SD and SDHC devices. The SDHC trademark is licensed to ensure compatibility.[11]

Hello Ubuntu!

The world of Ubuntu just literary hit me like a big stone, why didn't I install this earlier and learn the Ubuntu way? It's so awesome and geeky that only the geeks will understand what is Ubuntu and the Linux method of control, manipulated and conquer.

I had just installed my Ubuntu 7.04 to my AMD 64 bit ATI X600 Radeon and the world of 64 bit computing just opened up like a can of fresh tomatoes! First the maze of geeky errors when I first install it...and how many bugs there was and need to be "configured" to be working perfectly. There is this community of professional geeks or programmers are out there helping the newbies. The problems I had faced will be the same as others with the same system. I will write more about my problems later...but just to let you guys know that I am not dead hehe...just been too busy lately haha.

A Fun Day At Singapore

This Is a "Singapore Blair Witch Project" Do you think anyone will be lost in the woods? Of course Not! :)

This monkey is just minding his own businesses and the I was breathing heavily because of my Asthmatic condition while climbing long flight of stairs after the Tree Top Walk haha...This monkey got attitude woah!

In Singapore Mac Ritchie Reservoir & Park, We come across a few wells that are spread across the park...this one scare the shit out of us!!

Do check out the last second of the film...what is that!?

On a good Sunday Morning of 19th August 2007, I went to Mac Ritchie Reservoir & Park with my buddy Jimmy to "take a hike" and walk the HSBC Tree Top Walk and we have some fine time talking and laughing while we explore the "wilderness" of the park. It's not really empty on a Sunday Morning as there are many visitors to the park. We can see almost 2 visitors passing us every 5 minutes in while walking the semi-muddy foot path.

The Future of operating System - Ubuntu

All I can say is Holy Mother! This Ubuntu 7 Fiesty Fawn can run Window XP within using only 50% CPU processing and can this baby do more then just EYE Candy!

The future of Operating System is almost here...once the world starts to migrate to Linux based Ubuntu...while still using Window Base softwares. The world will start to support Linux in Hardware as well. When the critical mass of the world population starts to use will be totally blow Microsoft out of the market!

The future is here Indeed!