Macdonald's New Notice To Students

This is found in Macdonald of Bukit Batok 2nd Floor and it clearly states that Students are off limits to study at Macdonald at weekends and so bring in the non-students!! Wahaha...what does it mean to WIFI users like the general public?

I knew this is coming very soon...The peak hours is to avoid the peak hour lunch or dinner crowd that will definitely affect the number of tables available if the students linger around there.

This might just be a temporary measures as they will review how much they can earn from these students that filled up the tables during off peak hours...which is not much anyway.

So where will these students + WIFI enabled adults go to for their study or free internet fix? Post your suggestions by commenting below! Where can we surf online FREE and can allow students to stay as long as they like?


Anonymous said...

Just study at home ! What for go MacDonald and waste money.

Jimmoo said...

Is good to implement this at MacDonald or else people may find it hard to get a seat during peak hours.

For students, I think is better to go there at night since is more quiet. The best time is after 9.30pm.