A 416GB flash drive--but probably not for you

According to CNet News

Enough with the eensy weensy flash memory drives such as Dell's 64GB model. It's time for a solid-state disk whose capacity is closer to a conventional hard drive with spindles and platters. Bitmicro Networks this week announced a 2.5-inch flash drive with a capacity of 416GB that will be available in March 2008.

Alas, though, the drive is geared for military, industrial and commercial users, not for arming high-end PC owners with bragging rights. Bitmicro's drive is designed to withstand shocks, vibration, and hot and cold temperatures.

Not being a conventional retail product, it's no surprise that Bitmicro didn't disclose a price. But given that the 64GB drive in Dell's Alienware PC costs $920 or so, I'm guessing that it's probably better to remain ignorant.

The company already sells 2.5-inch flash drives with capacities up to 74GB and 3.5-inch drives up to 156GB.

Thanks Lowem for the news update!! The huge 416GB flash drive probably will be not for us at the moment...at least not that affordable...haha.

If someone just build a series of SD Card Readers Extension...hee

Aftershock felt again just now! 13 September 2007 Singapore

Just now 11.40am to 11.45am 13 September 2007 my colleagues also felt the earthquake aftershock but is short and I don't really feel it...but another of my friend Instant message me that her office near Bugis also felt the earth quake...

I wonder how huge is this after shock :P

Felt a earthquake in Bugis area (SINGAPORE) !!! 12 September 2007

I am in office right now opposite beach road and just now felt a rather mild earthquake but it's a long one! The intensity is mild as I am at the lower level but it last approximated 1 minute at short time after 7pm (previously I thought is 7.30pm) hmmm

This is my first time experiencing a earthquake!! So scary...can see the monitor sway slightly and the water move slightly in the water dispenser. It's like the first time when you stand up and feel the legs wobbling and computer LCD panels shaking...you know there are something up!
Probably because I am in a lower level office hence the quake doesn't feel too bad...but I cannot imagine those in the high rise office building doing their over time!! Must be dramatic!

Share your experience leh!!

Anyone felt that???

Updates!! Just search and found this website that have the latest information on the earthquake that I just felt! It started 12 September 2007 at 07:10PM (Singapore Time) The quake is 7.9 (not sure) on Richter scale and Tsunami might be generated but will not affect Singapore!!

More news on this

Many office workers in CBD evacuated from buildings
Tremors felt most in homes in central Singapore
Eyewitnesses: Sumatra earthquake
EXTRA: Buildings sway in Singapore from Indonesia quake
Powerful earthquake triggers tsunami in western Indonesia
Report of death, injuries after quake

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A talented friend who sings well deserve my vote!

I found a Jeanne on youtube some time back and she sings like heavenly! Honestly she has the voice of a real singer and got a nice way of singing the songs. Some of her songs are written by her and gosh...I am not ashamed to say I am one of her fans now!

She do have the talent and the voice, she may look ordinary now but will be a dashing star if she have some make over. I believe that she is definitely the future singer talent that will make it!

She got my vote in the website, do listen to her songs and vote honestly! :)

Go here to vote! http://www.songsiwrite.com/profile.asp?id=songs-1063

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