Basket! My Tilapia Eaten My Oto Fish!! (Still Munching away now)

Wah lau...I see these Tilapia poops a lot hence purchased 6 sucker (Oto) fishes to clean up the tank...but guess who clean up who? Yes...that' my SGD$1.50 Oto fish in the mouth of the Tilapia fish!!! ARghhhh...

Photoshop Stuck on Hand Tool/icon

As I am editing some images at home today using CS3, I almost flipped out in horror that the mouse icon is stuck on Hand Tool/Icon. I can't do anything at all...and I search for solution online and found the simplest solution.

It's just to restart the application (Photoshop) and try it again...bah!

Flight of the Conchords Ep 4 If You're Into It

If you want me to
I could hang 'round with you
If I only knew
That's what you're into.
You and him
Him and you
If that's what
You're into
Him hanging 'round
Around you
You're hanging 'round
Yeah, you're there too.
And if you want me to
I will take off all my clothes for you
I will take off all my clothes for you
If that's what you're into
How 'bout him
In the nude?
If that's what
You're into.
In the nude in front of you
Is that what you'd wanna view?
If it's cool with you
I'll let you get naked too
It could be a dream come true
Providing that's what you are into
Is that what
You're into?
Him and you
In the nude?
That's what he's prepared to do
Is that the kind of thing you think you might be into?
And then maybe later
We get hot by the refrigerator
In the kitchen next to the pantry
You think that might be what you fancy?
In the buff
Being rude
Doing stuff
With the food
Getting lewd
With his food
We heard that's what you are into
Then on our next date
Well, you could bring your roommate
I don't know if Stu is keen to
But if you want we could double-team you
How about you
And two dudes?
Him, you and Stu
In the nude
Being lewd with two dudes with food
Well, that's if Stu's into it, too
All the things I'd do
The things I'd do for you
If I only knew
That's what you're into

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Flight Of The Conchords - The Humans Are Dead

The Human are dead!! Hahhahaha...
Shut the motherfuxking system down!!

Flight of the Conchords- Business Time (In HBO Channel)

Wahhahaa...It's Business Time!