Researching The Time Traveler "John Titor"

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OK, this is going to be interesting...many of the original transcripts of the Time Traveler "John Titor" have really comes true whereas some have not.

A website dedicated to him is at
I also found another site that host a large amount of transcripts at

It's hard to go through all these conversation that John had written online since the year 2000 to March 2001 about the future that is going to be filled with civil war and nuclear war.

I had found at least one of the information to be accurate for now....

06 December 2000 21:36 (about the future) 114
(What is the entertainment industry like, movies, tv, radio, internet?)
Again, entertainment is less centralized. There are "movies" and "tv" but everything is distributed over the net and more people produce their own "shows".

Me: well...check out YouTube over wikipedia and found out they had started in mid February 2005 and had taken the internet media by storm creating "movies", "tv" and own "shows" on the internet!! Now if you check out Joost in wikipedia and their website you can in fact watch FREE INTERNET TV by major internet media networks and the big networks had also joined in the fun including Fox News to flash media bloody cartoon "Happy Tree Friends".

This prediction written back in 2000 came true obviously and certainly changed how people view the internet and the media as a whole.

I will quote more prediction in the John Titor Internet Transcripts that had came true and those not...and possibly the reason why. John Titor might not be a real name but he claim it is putting himself in danger as someone will seek and confirm if he is real in the our world lines.

John Titor name might be owned by thousands possibly millions after his story breaks into the internet public so the real John Titor will be relatively safe....I guess.