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Be careful of scams that take your greed as your weakness...When it's too good to be's probably is!!

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The rules apply no matter who they are...don't break rules for anyone even if they are someone of respectable or of high authority.

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Holy shit!! I just quickly goes to change my Modem Security to WPA!!! Shit! I had been using WEP for so long I don't know that it's so easily hacked! Shitty!

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ALL Cashier should watch this video!! This is becoming a good education tool!!

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This is horrible!!! I will kick any people that is inside!!

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When it's too good to be true, it probably is!
- After watching this clip I actually remembered that I was actually conned in the street!! GOSH! There were 2 respectable dressing China guy one man and another lady approached me on the street and ask me for money to take a cab back to their hotel...which they say they forget change for local currencies out of their hotel and no money changer in sight...need to go for a meeting or something. They even pass me a name card with Chinese words...and overseas China telephone number. They promise to call me back and give me back my $20 but after few months...I kinda forgotten about it!! HOLY SHIT!

This is really shitty siah...I had never thought that I had been conned before!

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New Scam. "Supreme Court Staff and CID Officer"

According to SGForums :


24/10/2007.About noon time, there is an incoming call to my office direct line. When I pick up the call, it was a voice recorded message that said, 'You have a message from the Supreme Court. Press 9 to listen to the message.' I pressed 9 and it was transferred to an operator that answered by saying, 'Supreme Court reception, can I help you?' I told her I received a voice message from Supreme Court telling me to press 9 to listen to that message.

She proceeds to ask me for my name and I/C number. So I told her and it sounded like as it she is keying in and paused awhile and told me I had a notice from Supreme Court with a charge of working with 'Ah long' (Illegal Loan sharks) to open 2 bank accounts for them and the Supreme Court had already sent me Court summon letter to me. I was so shocked and told her I did not know any loan sharks and I will never do that and I did not receive any letter from Court at all.

She told me for that I'm one of the person who is involved in this illegal act and if I want to verify my case, she would get the CID police in charge of this case to call me.

In less than a few minutes, I received a call from someone who claimed to be a CID officer looking for me. I answered him I am the person he's looking for. He told me that on such a date, the police had cracked down and napped a 'ah long' (Illegal Loan Sharks) and in his house, they found a name list containing several bank accounts open by a group of people and I happen to be one of them.

I was so socked and told him that I never would do such a thing and I do not know any ah long or loan sharks at all. He then challenge me and told me, 'do you want to see the evident we got?' I told him, 'Yes I would like to come down to your police office to see it because I did not do that.'

I then asked him to give me the address, which department he is from and his name so that I can go down to see him. He gave me his name is Officer Khoo Boon Hui at Police HQ. CID Tower . Blk C, level 5. His office number is 6435 0000. However he quickly change the subject and ask me a few questions to pretend to be investigating me. He asked me have I lost my I/C, Bank account book? I answered No. He then asked me did I let anyone photocopied my I/C or Bank account book? I thought for a while and answered him I did a few months back at DBS Bank when I thought of opening a Investment Account. He then told me that it could be due to corruption, the bank officer may have sold my data to the Ah long (loan shark) in return for some cash.

He told me since from his investigation he assume I'm innocent and one of those whose I/C and bank data the ah long (loan shark) obtained from corrupt bank officers to make false ID and bank document to open bank account, he would fax my case to a Supreme Court office to further investigate and present my case before the Judge. As such there is no need to go down to see him at the police HQ he said.

He told me he will get the Supreme Court officer in charge to call me and further arrange how she can help me to plead with the Judge together with those innocent parties that had been framed. From the voice of that man officer who talked to me, I can tell his speaking accents sound like from China.

My mind was so confused and troubled after hearing him talked to me all these things I did not question that at the moment..

In a while time, a lady called me on my mobile phone saying the 'CID' who had earlier on investigated me had called her and told her about my case.

She would need me to cooperate with her in further investigation. She told me that she would need to begin to do a series of questions she need me to answer honestly. All my conversation with her will be recorded as Court evident. It's so professionally done that you think you're really going through a investigation answering those questions like did you disclose any of your bank information, documents, ID to anyone? Did you loss your passport, ID, bank book, credit card??

At the end of the series of questions, she told me that they are working together with international police to crack down these illegal ah long loan sharks organization that go around corrupt bank officers to sell their customer's bank information, photo copied ID document to do fake IDs, passports, and open bank accounts for them.

She told me that right now just because I said I'm innocent it doesn't prove anything.
She need me to do one last thing. She asked me how many bank account do I have and how much money I have in my bank account. She said she need me to cooperate with them to check my bank account to see if there's any activities transactions that are unusual. She need me to go to Bankok Bank at Cecil street to TT my bank account money to this 'International Police' account to monitor and protect my money for me as my bank account is no longer saved as anytime it could be frozen.

If I am really innocent and has nothing to do with any ah long organization, I would cooperate with them to help them catch any party that is using my account to wash black money for them. If I don't cooperate with them to TT my money then it is clear to them that I have something to do with ah long organization and she shall turn me over to the Judge straight away to pled me guilty and sentence me.

It was under so much confusion and fear that they succeed to con people to TT money to this unknown 'International police officer' said to be someone who will monitor any suspicious transactions, dealing and to save guard and protect the victim's money. She assured me that if after the investigation is over about 2 hours later, after they checked my account and found nothing unusual and no black money, that international police officer will contact me and will TT the money back into my bank account.

I was really confused and when I kept asking her for any black and white to verify her identity to really make sure she is a real officer from Supreme Court that she told me her name is officer Hong Mui Ying and I can reach her at this Supreme Court telephone number: 63381034.

She told me not to hang up and not to tell anybody about what I'm about to do so that it will not mess up their investigation process. She instructs me to go to 108 Cecil Street , BangKok Bank to TT the money. She told me to talk to her when I arrived at BangKok Bank then she would disclose to me the details of the International Police to whom I am to TT my money to.

The following is the details she gave me to TT my bank money to when I arrived at

Bangkok Bank:

Name of person receiving the money: MOORDOO JAESH

Account No: 398-073768-2

Address: MAESAI

I almost TT one thousand dollars to this account she gave me to TT my money to. But while I was at the counter, something on the inside of me tells me, 'how could you simply believe these things she talked to you about? How do you know if she really is a Supreme Court officer? You don't even know who this person she told you to TT your money to. What if this is a cheat and once you TT your money over to this unknown person, you get cheated of your money?' So I withhold what I was about to do at that moment and started to talk to this 'Supreme Court officer' again on the phone.

I asked her if I can go down to Supreme Court and look for her to verify her identity also with Supreme Court too. She told me she would be very busy as she is handling a lot of such cases and may not have time to see me. She kept telling me to cooperate with her if I'm really innocent and should let them check my money which makes no sense to me. Finally I said to her, 'I really want to go down to Supreme Court to verify your identity and I don't mind waiting for you at the Supreme Court. Should you be busy, I'll wait for you at Supreme Court and also want to check with the officer at Supreme Court too if you really are an Officer who work there.' She then said, 'ok, you may come down to Supreme Court and look for me.'

After I put down the phone, I went straight to Supreme Court to look for her. To my surprise, when I was there at Supreme Court reception counter to ask for this lady officer, the receptionist told me that there isn't any such lady officer in Supreme Court and I'm not the only person who had came down to look for or called to look for these lady officer.

Then the receptionist took out a recent newspaper and showed me that recently a man was cheated of $10,000 also received such call claiming to be officer from Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court receptionist then asked me for my name and IC number when I was there at Supreme Court reception counter to check if there are any real court case or charges

I have. So I gave him my IC number and Name. After searching through the system, he told me that he cannot find any charges or court case with me. It was then I realized that I have been conned by those 3 people who had impersonated to be Supreme Court staff and CID.

Then the receptionist told me that it is better for me to go down to a police station to do a police report on this and I went down to Kreta Ayer NPP to made a police report on the same day 24/10/2007.

I hope the police would quickly catch these evil cheaters out there trying to cheat people of their money. The police officer at Kreta Ayer NPP also told me I'm not the only victim of such case. He told me I can go and read about this at investigation by the phone. veri funni. they usualli bring u to their HQ for investigation not the phone
Heard that 4 person has been confirmed cheated. A total of S$50,00.00!!!! There are so many telephone scams out there to confuse you to part with your hard earned BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO ENTERTAIN such calls especially those from Chinese speaking telemarketers. The percentage is 99% scams...."NI HUI JIANG HUA YU MAH?" a sweet lady always calls....

There are also another case that claims to have abducted the child from them...and let them hear the fake "screams" of their child...ask them not to put down the phone and place money in the secluded place for them to pick it up or else they will harm the child. This case is reported in the Chinese news paper...BE VERY VIGILANT FOR SUCH CALLS!!!

How To Counter Telemarketers!

How To Counter Telemarketers!

This guy trying to play a trick to the telemarketers so much I think the telemarketers will never forget this one!

Thomson Speedtouch 585v6 Modem woes...

Latest Update on the solution HERE!! (06 October 2008)

I had been recently bothered by frequent DC and low then advertised speed of 10Mbps as advertised by Singnet Broad Band using the 10Mbps 3 year plan.

The DC problem is more prevalent in the new operating system Ubuntu Fiesty but when I dual boot to Microsoft XP the DC happen 2 times at mid-night. The 5 led lights just black out and restarted...

I had seen people in other forums using the same Singnet Broad Band 10Mbps Unlimited getting impressive results and showing all to see. So thinking I had been ripped off for paying almost $100 for 10Mbps Ultimate line but only get maximum I decided to call Singtel for assistance...

I had called the Singtel hot line and asked to call the technical help line. First person I get is a "Chinese" trying to speak English properly. He insisted me to follow the instruction line by line to test my speed.

Going through a series of "commands" using command prompt and connecting directly to Singnet (ftp) and downloading a 10meg file. The speed is claim to be optimum using the download speed there and MULTIPLY BY 8. Not sure why but the person says it's problem.

Not convinced I told him that using the I can only get maximum 6.5Mbps which is lower then the acceptable 70% range of 10Mbps. He then request me to go to singtel website and proceed to remote assistance.

After coming into my computer and seeking around the website and tested the himself to find it's truly not up to the advertised speed of 10Mbps which is after 1 hour of consultation....he say he will recommend to send a lines man down to test the line for me...but the schedule for the whole week is booked. He requested me to call on Friday to book for the next week schedule.

The following Friday, I called on schedule and I was reluctantly push into another round of TEST of the SAME LINE BY LINE instructions even I had told him that the previous guy had already tested it and recommended for the lines man to after 1 hour of repeated consultation...and remote assistance to my PC. He agreed to send down a guy just to come and see my connection is it faulty.

The guy came slightly late today but I don't fault him, he came and went saying that the modem is near his age and need firmware updates. He claim he don't even know how to update the firmware even he did update his own "2wire" modem.

So my internet speed remains 6.5Mbps maximum and the recommendations are EITHER to update my modem firmware, buy new Linksys 2+ modem or exchange with Thomson a new modem but don't know if still under guarantee.

The lines man did very good job trying to talk me into accepting the fact that it's normal to get less then 10Mbps which I agreed but deep down inside I knew that I had been cheated.

The day when I had signed up this 3 years Singnet Broad Band 10Mbps Unlimited with free 1st Generation Macbook, I knew my payment of $100.26 ($83.80 for BroadBand 10Mbps Unlimited and $9.90 for Wireless Plus and GST $6.56) per month is way above the average cost of the connection which now is $69.29 for 24 months contract. do I upgrade the firmware....let me see...

Ok...I had tried to upgrade my firmware of my Thomson Speedtouch 585v6 and it's a long and hard troubleshooting. My friend did successfully upgrade his Modem of the same model hence telling me the way to do it.

  1. go to the unofficial firmware download page for Thomson Speedtouch to download the latests firmware.
  2. Rename the firmware filename's extension from .bli into .bin
  3. Download the latest upgrade wizard (v4.4.2.1) here.
Then Follow the bootp instructions.
The easiest way to get the newer ST516/536/546/580/585 routers into bootp state is to do the following: It is helpful though not essential to have the pc with a fixed static ip.
  1. Begin with the unit powered off via the power switch at the back depressed.
  2. Get a pin or a pen with a long enough nose to reach the reset button and hold it in.
  3. Continue holding your pin or... on the reset button and do not release it. Power the unit on by pressing the power button into the "on" state never releasing the reset.
  4. Hold the reset button in for around 15 seconds. The power and Ethernet light should flash between red and green.
  5. Run the SpeedTouch firmware upgrade wizard. You only have around 1min to start the wizard before the speedtouch will revert to the normal boot up
Note: It is always recommended to run the SpeedTouch firmware upgrade wizards with a statically set IP address on your PC of the following:

IP:, Subnet:, Default Gateway:

Note: It is best to have all security programmes (firewalls, antivirus) either disabled or turned completely off. (Edit from Revs. It is absolutely essential not just best. The worst product is Symantec internet security because people don't know it is on. Turn everything symantec off (permanently would be best!!).

After updating the firmware, go to the internet browser and type in in the address : and you can see the Speedtouch default page.

Then go to first link on the left "SpeedTouch" and click on "Setup" and follow the instructions to put in your user name and password to reset-up the router modem.

After doing this, the last LED light on the modem will turn from red to yellowish green and you can put the TCP/IP address back to "Obtain the IP Address Automatically" and you can now surf internet. :)

And there I have it...I had upgraded my Speedtouch 585v6 Modem however when I tried the same and get the SAME SPEED after all the troubles hahahahaha....but I believe updating the firmware is the smart way to eliminate any more excuses the technical help desk can throw at me in future haha....

Latest Update on the solution HERE!! (06 October 2008)