Jalan Besar Community Club - Baby Fair 22 Jun 2008

Yo!! I am going not going to Jalan Besar Community Club tomorrow for a small gig to sell stuff in the baby fair there! ^_^ My friend had invited me to sell of anything there and I had agreed previously! :)

Hopefully the crowd will be nice there because I got plenty of nice goods to be sold!! I will update more photos when I am there tomorrow!! Hope I can wake up early siah...it's 9am to 5pm so I had to reach earlier to set up the stalls ^_^

Well, it's a baby fair but i plan to sell whatever I can!! ^_^

Most welcome if you can come support me tomorrow (Sunday 22th June 2008)

Update: My friend who had invited me previously hor...forwarded the invitation email and forgets to attached the "Application Form". Now, I have to say so sorry for the wrong information above but feel free to go and support the baby fair!! :)

Simon Tay

Funny Video!

Just bought Eee-PC recently!!!

This is the "latest" ultra-portable notebook from Asus, presenting to you the Eee-Pc!!! The above photo is my Eee-Pc sitting on top of the macbook to compare the size and you can see it's as small as a standard hard cover size. At 0.92kg, it's lighter then most conventional notebook and it's packing Linux Operating System instead of of the resource hog Window which is excellent!.

I had tested most of the functions such as surfing the internet (firefox), Email (Mozilla Thunderbird), MSN/Yahoo/Google/Skype, and their open source (free) spreadsheet/word processor/presentation software without any problems!

The downside is the following,

  1. Battery indicator is not accurate (Which might be able to patch in the future...I dunno)
  2. The voice command activation is not responding accurately
  3. Lack of a large storage space (Now I got 8GB SSD instead) which I need desperately for downloads.
  4. Installation of new software (not included as standard softwares) is a pain for those used to window.
  5. Speaker not loud enough even with ear phones.
  6. Small keyboard need some time to get use to.
The good features of this Eee-Pc is the following.
  1. Feather Light weight (0.92Kg)
  2. Small and portable!
  3. Fast boot up time!
  4. Smooth Running of all Pre-installed softwares!
  5. Great graphical User Interface which is extremely user friendly.
  6. Similar to Mac, the power plug is uniquely designed to suit international market.
  7. Built In Webcam & microphone for skype video conferencing.
  8. The super cheap price tag!!!!
This ultra-portable may not be the most powerful system in the market right now and not the most rich featured ones but the price tag is the killer for me. In the IT fair you can get this Eee-Pc (dunno which model) at about $300++, I got mine 8GB SSD model at SGD$698 at Sim Lim Square 1 week before IT Fair!!! I almost faint when I heard someone else got it half the price! Sucks to be so "kiasu" (scare to lose) and bought it too early.