Some Of My Old & Embarrassing Photos!!! Exposed!!

This photo on the left was taken when I am in primary school and we had 2 female cats that time!! They soon gave birth to 9 naughty kittens that terrorized the whole house with fleas!

During my primary school year at Jin Tai Primary, my hair was growing longer every day and because I was used to cut "botak" hairstyle...when it became long...I look like uber cool Einstein!!

I am always be bullied by my brother that time and called "3 layer beef meat" because of my fat stomach.

But after a while I started to slim down a bit thanks to Secondary school IPPT fitness exercise in Jurong Secondary School.

I first use hair jelly to stick my hair down to the sides and it remains there for a while...then I stop using it when the hair starts growing correctly.

This is taken at my old home at Jurong West Extension during Christmas times and I am posing like Aaron Kwok which is one of the heavenly kings of Canto-pop then joining Leon Lai, Andy Lau and Jackie.

My hair grew so long that my fringe will touch my mouth at one time if I pull it downwards.

This is taken at my Childhood friend's house (Jimmy) who is currently my neighbor.

Gosh...I am very young then...and lean! Now i am like a balloon and overweight!!

How I wish time can reverse and go back to that state...maybe I can! Time for more jogging!!!