Weird Bubble Carrying A Molted Ghost Shrimp

This weird bubble holding a molted Ghost Shrimp and it lasted almost half and hour!! Anyone know why is this happening??

Random Photos of HDB Flats Near My Block

This is a random photo of hdb building near my block, it resembles condominium yet it's a HDB flat. Nowadays, you cannot differentiate them anymore.

This is the sheltered walkway to other blocks, this is connected ALL the way to the MRT. The MRT track conveniently covered parts of the walkway, I remembered I had mentioned the idea to our minister during his walkabout prior to election about the possibility of a pavement below the MRT tracks and he at first cite financial feasibility but I mentioned about kids jumping large drain under the MRT tracks during a heavy down pour will eventually lead to accident and he taken note of that and sure enough the covered walkway was built.

This is the grand HDB ground floor, the lights are no longer using those old fashion florescent tubes but instead these energy saving light bulbs that resembles spot lights.

The surround area also comes with BBQ pits, half basketball court, small fenced soccer (resembles those indoor ones), multiple activity covered areas, artificial lake, nice garden lights, many chairs for old folks to rest and hang around friends.

There is also a coffee shop right next to my block but closes early at 9.30pm, there is also 2 soft drinks vending machines below my block because there is a community centre and include a public toilet.

Here, most of the dwellers are from en-bloc from Hill View Ave like my family and got this place rather cheap due to the en-bloc (Government Chase us from the old HDB at hill view to here) and some of them sold their unit soon after the 5 years maturity to gain a big $$$.

I intend to stay for as long as possible unless there is a total economic collapse...which will force use to sell the house and stay in rented houses or migrate my friend's place.

Life is peaceful here and pretty safe, there is also a secret late above the hill that nobody suppose to gave 24/7 water flows down the drain beside the MRT tracks which represent good fortune always. That's all for my little update here... :)

Wooot...Some random photos on my Aquariums

This is my lobster trying to climb up the plants to escape the aquarium! He is not the only one doing that since his "band of brothers" are below cheering him on and they will be next in line to try to escape themselves! Haha

One of the biggest one I name "Mat" which is the famous terrorist that happened to had escaped and not found till now. The biggest lobster mat had escaped previously and terrorist my parents under the sofa.

The photo on the right is Mat fighting with his brother...they love to clash together sometimes but usually non-fatal. I heard they will fight furiously to win the position to mate with the female crayfish.

I don't know if there are any female crayfish "aka freshwater lobster" in the tank as they all look the same to me. Behind is their lovely accommodation of quality PVC and Active Carbon Bamboo Charcoal "tube Condominium" that they retreat in daily for their much needed rest from their daily "escape routine"

The left photo is my 10 cm Soon Hock (aka Oxyeleotris marmorata) and yes it's optical illusion to look bigger in the photo but in fact it's a baby soon hock.

The weird thing is this baby guppy is so daring to park itself below this fish killer (Soon Hock eat small fishes and anything that can fit into it's mouth)...I guess this soon hock had just eaten too many small fishes to fit in more food....haha. It's almost amazing to see them sneak up on these small fishes and GULP!!! No more small fish! Left only a horrifying memory of a swallowed fish...once happily swimming innocently around the tank. Do not put your prize fishes with Soon Hock or it will be the only fish remaining in the end.

It can be Only One...(Highlander music playing loudly)

Caught by Paparazzi!!!

Just got a foldable bicycle!! For cheap SGD$180 :)

I know this is an imitation copy of A-Bike and named A-Bicycle but I wanted to try it out to see if it really works.

And yes it work just like what the guy in the bicycle shop told me it will...yet I feel this is a poor quality version with many limitation. Firstly, there is a warning sticker indicating that this bike is not suitable for anyone above 85kg. I am more then 85kg and the shop owner still sells it to me...I guess I need to slim down first before riding!!

Then there is a small maintenance requirement, to put some oil on the aluminum support in order to make the sliding more easier and faster. This oil did feels very dirty when trying to unfold it afterwards...but maybe it's because I am not very familiar with it hence touching the oily part more often then I want.

The handling of the A-Bicycle is slightly tricky for me as I had not ride a bicycle in years! I will practice more later when I have time to do it.

The idea of using a foldable bicycle is to bring this bicycle along with me and cycle if possible and able to ride public transport like MRT or buses in Singapore with my bicycle folded.

This bicycle did provide a bag and a cheap-o air pump and some useless tools but this may just be a testing phase for now to be able to cycle to work or to friend's house.

My Planted Aquarium Tank!

I had recently did a upgrade to my fish tank by adding more plants and supplying the tank with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) via a CO2 tank bought from Clementi fish shop (LFS).

The small internal tank is actually a breeding tank for my newly acquired pregnant freshwater shrimp and it will give birth hopefully soon! It's exciting to see shrimp giving birth and this is a much bigger shrimp! (Almost like a prawn!)

You can see that green unfertilized eggs under it's belly now. They look greenish now :)

I have another aquarium that holds little "Soon Hock" and baby freshwater lobster, they are a fun to watch when I feed them with sea-monkey (Brine Shrimps) or feeder fishes.

That's all for today!! :)