Just got a foldable bicycle!! For cheap SGD$180 :)

I know this is an imitation copy of A-Bike and named A-Bicycle but I wanted to try it out to see if it really works.

And yes it work just like what the guy in the bicycle shop told me it will...yet I feel this is a poor quality version with many limitation. Firstly, there is a warning sticker indicating that this bike is not suitable for anyone above 85kg. I am more then 85kg and the shop owner still sells it to me...I guess I need to slim down first before riding!!

Then there is a small maintenance requirement, to put some oil on the aluminum support in order to make the sliding more easier and faster. This oil did feels very dirty when trying to unfold it afterwards...but maybe it's because I am not very familiar with it hence touching the oily part more often then I want.

The handling of the A-Bicycle is slightly tricky for me as I had not ride a bicycle in years! I will practice more later when I have time to do it.

The idea of using a foldable bicycle is to bring this bicycle along with me and cycle if possible and able to ride public transport like MRT or buses in Singapore with my bicycle folded.

This bicycle did provide a bag and a cheap-o air pump and some useless tools but this may just be a testing phase for now to be able to cycle to work or to friend's house.