My First Electric Bicycle!!

Yesterday was my first day with an electric bicycle!! It is made from China but the design looks uber cool!

This I had been saving up for nearly 3 months and even bought the helmet way back with a matching goggles to go with it! :)

I had used it to travel to nearby bank to deposit a cheque and comes back in time to pay my bills at the AXS Station at Bukit Gombak MRT.

The feeling of total freedom from hard peddling is extremely refreshing! I even heard some chatters by motorcyclist on the road exclaiming in awe that "THAT IS A BICYCLE!!".

The bicycle comes with alarm system linked with motion sensors to prevent any unauthorized "touching", a wheel lock mechanism to prevent anyone from pushing the bicycle away.

I also employ an additional chain lock to deter any kinds of normal thief to have the idea of stealing it.

On top of that, I added a box behind for my "barang barang" (things) storage such as rain coat, chain lock, helmet and any valuables that I felt uncomfortable to put in the basket at the front.

The bicycle is small enough to fit the lift at my home and too heavy for any one person thief to carry it.

The battery also comes with a secure lock so that nobody can extract the batteries without my keys.

The overall feeling is still overwhelming in excitement tingling on my skin....and can't wait for another excursion with my brand new electric bicycle! :)

My next upgrade is a GPS attachment to my PSP (playstation portable) that I think can help me navigate around Singapore.

My First Lesson On Archery

A extremely loud noise awoken me "early" morning 11am today and I struggled to open my eyes and dragged my leg out of bed to pick up my hand phone.

"Hello!" My friend "C" called me

"Err...yah?" I sleeply replied as I tried to regain my conciousness

"You remember our appointment for the archery course?" He shouted at the other side..

"Arhh Ya ya...ok where?"

We had arranged to meet at Bugis Junction and take bus 100 to reach the location near HarbourFront.

We managed to walk up the "100 steps" up the "hill" among the HDB flats up above the community centre.

Suddenly I felt like a ancient Chinese kung fu student going up the mountain seeking for knowledge and skills to become a real kung fu master.

Wind blew around us making it very windy day for us which is very tough for shooting arrows.

We thought we are late but in fact we are pretty early as we sat and watched the "seniors" practice their skills of "sniping" the targets using bow and arrows with impressive accuracy.

I am very very impressed with the modern version of the bows which looked more like a sophiscated weapons then guns!!

The most expensive model (estimated to be around $3000+) comes with light weight but strong frames, modern looking designs, high power, deadly accurate and even comes with sniping scopes!

There are even children as young as 10 years old learning how to shoot arrows!

When it's my turn to try, my instructor, Rick, corrected many of my mistakes and I managed to hit some of the targets but unfortunately I got slightly rope burned on my left hand haha.

My handling of the bow was very bad and need many adjustments to make it less hazardous to my skin, now there seems to be 2 small "hickys" at my arm that need some handy plus haha.

Overall, it's great fun and fullfilling afternoon streatching my arms and burn some muscles, it's great to have 4 lessons for $100 bucks.

I am thinking of joining the Singapore Archery Club and practice more, maybe I can excel in this but I am not sure...maybe's just a great sport and hobby! :)