RIP Lobster #7

One of my lobster had just died during his adventurous escape from the fish tank together with Mat Salamat while I was cleaning the tank. The lobster tank had lot's of uneaten food that had grown many white hair fungus around the left over hence needed to clean it totally.

Using a fish net, I had fished out almost a "tonne" of floating dead food that previously unseen to the naked eye. While I was "stirring" the net...Mat and Lobster #7 jumped out of the tank without me knowing and venture into the deep unknown of my living room.

After satisfied with my cleaning, I went to bath after a hard day work. My dad and aunt returned home shocked to see the biggest lobster "Mat" crawling in the kitchen!!! They say he had the "great escape" and promptly caught it and returned to the tank...however my lobster #7 is the smallest of them all was not them.

I came out of the bathroom and went to the kitchen to deposit my dirty clothes only to feel a small squish below my leg...SHOCK!!!! Lobster #7!!!! It's flatten by me!! ARhhh!!! A feeling of yucky feeling spread with goosebumps spread through my body!!! ARHhhh...I went to the toilet and wash my leg throughly...only to come back to a pretty dead small lobster..on the ground.

Sadness and pity comes in waves...haiz. Not much of a sentimental type, I promptly put lobster #7 into the dustbin beside "ground zero" of his death place...haiz.

Now, I will have to really watch my cleaning regime and not let them escape again...the rest of the lobsters should still be inside hopefully.