How To Format External Harddiks >120GB using Mac's Disk Utility to be used in Both Windows and Mac.

I had recently purchased a 120 GB Maxtor One Touch 4 Mini and the software that comes with is NOT able to format it to share usage with both Mac and Windows. I had search high and low for a solution for this is a serious issue as FAT32 format from windows doesn't allow me to format any external drive more then 32GB.

So, after a bit of searching...I found a simple solution!!

Use Mac's Disk Utility and format (Erase) the external drive using the "MS DOS File System" and it will be able to read/write on both Window and Mac!!

If external drive is less then 32GB (e.g. thumb drive) it will format as FAT16 and if more then 32GB (Usually is) it will format automatically to FAT32 with no apparent limit to hard disk size. I tried it on my 120GB Maxtor One Touch 4 Mini and now it can easily use on both Mac, Windows and Linux.

Windows with so many "slaves" to update their SP1,2,3 did not patch this "flaw" of inability to format hard disk above 32 GB in FAT 32 to cross platform to Mac seems to be a conspiracy to monopolize the OS market.

Now I can share files from Mac to Window and vice versa! Try it and tell me if it works! Of course back up your files first.

Yahoo Messenger Spam Robots!!! Computer Reply To you like Humans To Trick You!!!

I had just received an off-line yahoo message from someone not in my messenger list and the following conversations is like from some kind of horror comedy combined.

pasqualesears77 is currently not in your Messenger List.
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pasqualesears77: OMG tcm78 is that u
tcm78: who is this?

pasqualesears77: Hey there tcm78
tcm78: lol

pasqualesears77: U remeber me, i think we went to high school together
tcm78: this is not funny you are 77

pasqualesears77: it's me Sara!
tcm78: Sara?
tcm78: you reply too quickly

pasqualesears77: need a hint? http://on%65%6eit%65%73%74%61%6e%64%34u%2ecom i have a profile on this singles site
tcm78: you are giving me a crazy website

pasqualesears77: U dont remember? Check out my pic on this singles site http://%67%75%61rant%65%65dad%75lt%50erson%61ls.%63%6fm
tcm78: most likely to be fake

pasqualesears77: U dont remember? Check out my pic on this singles site
tcm78: please

pasqualesears77: U dont remember? Check out my pic on this singles site http://%6fnen%69%74%65st%61%6e%644%75.c%6f%6d
tcm78: reply normally or i block you

pasqualesears77: U dont remember? Check out my pic on this singles site
tcm78: kdjhkdsjh

pasqualesears77: Remember now? i have a pic on this sigles site http://meg%61a%64u%6c%74dati%6e%674%75%2ec%6f%6d
tcm78: shit

pasqualesears77: need a hint? http://o%6een%69%74e%61dul%74datin%67%2e%63%6f%6d i have a profile on this singles site
tcm78: bloody

pasqualesears77: U dont remember? Check out my pic on this singles site http://g%75%61%72anteed%61d%75l%74Pe%72s%6fn%61ls.%63om
tcm78: you are not human

pasqualesears77: U dont remember? Check out my pic on this singles site http://%6f%6eeni%74%65%73%74a%6e%644u.%63o%6d
tcm78: you replied instantly so you are not human

pasqualesears77: U dont remember? Check out my pic on this singles site http://%6f%6ee%6e%69t%65st%61%6ed%34u%2eco%6d
tcm78: this is bullshit

pasqualesears77: U dont remember? Check out my pic on this singles site http://o%6eeni%74%65%61dul%74%64at%69ng%2ec%6f%6d
From this conversation you can find out that this OFF-Line Yahoo person is a COMPUTER PROGRAM TO SPAM YOU by simulating a human responses!!! BE WARNED!! DO NOT go to the website stated above and BLOCK Anyone who replies like robot!!

Video Review: The Signal (2007)

I just caught this video and I am still in shock right now...Yes, I did wondered why did I missed it back in 2007. Maybe it's because the theaters did not show it at all...maybe it's my mind playing tricks on me...maybe it's the signal affecting my brain...Arghhh...

Ok, just kidding!! Haha This video seriously had my heart in my mouth most of the time and it's simply more believable then zombie flicks!!

According to Spoiler Alert!!

"Imagine every cell phone, radio, and television in your city suddenly broadcasting the same mysterious signal over and over. Now imagine these "terminus" transmissions evoking violent, uncontrollable, psychotic chaos from everyone who comes in contact with them."

My review is that this is a fantastic movie and will always be in one of my little collections for a little overnight pizza movie marathon!! Yes, this is on par with those other movies that I like to watch many times such as "The Matrix", "Aliens", "Die Hard 4.0", "Equilibrium", "Mad Max 2: Road Warrior" and more!

The tension is gripping even when it's suppose to be a funny scene as you never know when someone will go crazy and kill next. This movie does have it's metaphor for the brain washing effects of advertising media of today, it does things to you and make you BUY things without much reasons. It's somewhat frightening to even find that useless junk lying around in my house that I don't even need!! Such as that FM stereo that was never used, the scanner that's never scan any photos, That hair spray that leave me sticky after I sweat and many more!

Ok, back to the movie. This movie is similar to all those apocalyptic doomsday scenarios that we audience had been subjected to from all those zombie flicks (Diary Of The Dead, Night Of The Living Dead, Return Of The Living Dead, Resident Evil, Day Of The Dead, Shaun of the Dead and more!) however, this is NOT a zombie flicks!!

Most apocalyptic movies that I had seen doesn't had enough tension or a series of scenes that make you want to hold your breath for a while. I always had the feeling for other movies that I can predict that the main lead is going to be just fine......and won't worry a minute if he/she is going to die or not...but not with this GEM!! This movie make me guess who will be the next murderer or victim! Anyone can be next! Who is crazy and who's not crazy!

This movie also let me wondering who is the main lead? Everyone got almost equal screen time to play out their characters but the flashbacks had been a little too repetitive...but acceptable to me.

The GORE is absolutely not for the faint hearted! You get all kinds of gore from the various methods of killing people in the movie!! It's HOLY Shix Seriously violent! It's more realistic then those fake zombie bloody gore and blood spray is almost "CSI" believable!

In the end, I am still thinking hard about the movie and still deciding who is the BAD Guy/Gal and who is the GOOD Guy/Gal. It's like a modern age madness drives people into complete fruitcakes to go to war and kill people without valid justification.

This movie is highly recommended for those people who loves to hang on to the edge of the seat, roller coaster thrills, over the top in violence and never ending madness.

Seriously no kids allow for this movie!!

4 1/2 Stars out of 5!!