Digg buries Google, unearths Microsoft

According to Silicon Republic.com:

26.07.2007 -
In a surprise move, popular user-voted news site Digg has decided to end its partnership with Google Inc. Google AdSense has provided the site with its embedded personalised ad service up until now. Over the coming weeks Digg will be making the move to advertising provided by Microsoft’s adCenter after the two companies yesterday made public their agreement to work together.

This new deal places Microsoft as the exclusive provider of both display and contextual advertising on Digg.com for the next three years. It also opens a channel for future collaboration on new innovative advertising projects.

Although online advertising juggernaut Google may have seemed like the obvious choice of partner for Digg into the future, Jay Adelson, CEO of Digg referred to Microsoft’s online advertising division as a young, innovative ad service “willing to work with us on the cutting edge”.

“We’re now positioned to provide a world-class advertising solution that builds upon Digg’s philosophy of providing a great experience for users and advertisers,” said Adelson.

“As the Digg audience continues to grow and diversify, we believe that this initiative with Microsoft, and the resources that it provides, will enable us to focus less on developing an advertising infrastructure and more on developing new and innovative features for the site.”

Digg is the second biggest customer that Microsoft’s relatively new adCenter platform has netted since its partnership with Facebook in August of last year, and the first since the Redmond company acquired huge advertising network aQuantive for US$6bn in May of this year.

The funnies dance within 6 minutes!

Nothing like a hard day's work to come home and find this piece of funny 6 minute dance to appear on my iGoogle Search

The smile that had been hidden from me through out the day finally see the light! The music for the dance sequences actually brought me back in time to the good old days when all I care about is to enjoy my music, PC Games (C&C, Counterstrike, Ozworld), modding red alert rules.ini to create super soldiers and ridiculously slow heat seeking AA AG Long range missile that nukes the enemy after following them like a kilometer! Hahaha

Great memories of the good old days!

The Most Expensive Google Adwords keywords!

According to CyberWyre:

Google has released a great tool to search for the current CPC for keyword discovery which can be found
here. I have used this tool to compile an updated list of the current highest paying keywords. It seems that lawyers are still paying the most out of all. It’s a bit concerning that some of the highest paying keywords are for “Wrongful Death”, and “DUI”, but oh well..

Go to
CyberWyre to see his list of high CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords in Canadian Dollars!

Hey, I am starting a project to find out all the really high cost per click keywords and share it out with you guys! ^_^ Keep coming back and you shall be rewarded!If you are not a blogger yet, you are missing out!! Who want to join me into this quest of updating the most expensive keywords??

Click on the picture on the left to see the simple instruction on how to find the expensive keywords.

  1. Go to Google Adwords: Keyword Tool
  2. Put in any keywords of your preference
  3. Put the "Choose Data to Display" option to "Cost and Ad Position Estimates"
  4. Click on the "Estimate Avg. CPC" to sort for the most expensive to be on the top.
  5. Note down the keywords and cost! (Put USD$ to standardized this project!)
  6. Send me a comment on the keywords you have discovered and share it to the world!
Remember, the cost per click will change over time base on the bidding price by the advertisers so try to check again with the Adwords Keyword Tool for the estimates again before writing a huge page of content that pays less.

LATEST UPDATE: (23 July 2007 10.34pm +8 GMT)
I had search a few keywords suggested by CyberWyre and compiled a huge list using Google Spread Sheet! Click Here!

This list will be subjected to changes over time as the advertiser who uses the Google Adwords will use the CPC to bid against their competitors for the best ranking in the Google Adsense so when the market is poor, their advertisement budget goest down will result in some marketing executive tweaking their Cost Per Click(CPC) down to cents almost instantaneously!

The keywords listed might be those few industry that earns very well if they sell well but almost nobody is interested. Quite a challenge for bloggers like us to make articles to interest them! Ha ha. Well, nothing is perfect in this world! Don't be greedy! Use keywords that are above $10 should be much easier to write those articles!

There are some resource to "copy" other people's article to put in your blogs but to me it's kind of tiring to search for that money spinning article then to write my own! ^_^

The Internet Crashed!

A very well done up video! LOL ROTFLOL!!@#%$

How to increase Internet Traffic to your site?

There is a forum at bloogerforum.com that ask how to increase traffic in their blogs :) Well, the best way to increase your blog traffic maybe is the following...(I may be wrong)

Write good excellent contents

Submit URL to Yahoo & Google

Track your incoming traffic using Google Analytics

Install Firefox add-on SEOQuake

Write to all popular forums with back links (Make sure it's not spam links, eg. no real feedback post just your blog url don't really work)

Check your keywords if it's popular using inventory overture
then modify your blog contents according to popular keywords with higher density (number of same keywords appear in the whole page)

Create as many back links from other webs as possible, try to write content so interesting that it will get lot's of people making links to your website. If not exchange links with similar content websites and blogs.

Remember to embed some Nice Controversial YouTube Videos into your site too!