How to increase Internet Traffic to your site?

There is a forum at that ask how to increase traffic in their blogs :) Well, the best way to increase your blog traffic maybe is the following...(I may be wrong)

Write good excellent contents

Submit URL to Yahoo & Google

Track your incoming traffic using Google Analytics

Install Firefox add-on SEOQuake

Write to all popular forums with back links (Make sure it's not spam links, eg. no real feedback post just your blog url don't really work)

Check your keywords if it's popular using inventory overture
then modify your blog contents according to popular keywords with higher density (number of same keywords appear in the whole page)

Create as many back links from other webs as possible, try to write content so interesting that it will get lot's of people making links to your website. If not exchange links with similar content websites and blogs.

Remember to embed some Nice Controversial YouTube Videos into your site too!