PSP 3.90 firmware with Camera (Complete!)

This is ultimate :)

PSP 3.90 firmware update with Skype available!!

According to Engadget:

Oh yes, Skype for your PSP-2000 (aka, PSP Slim & Lite) series is now a reality. At least outside of Japan. It's only available via network update at the moment and adds expanded support for PLAYSTATION Network titles. You do have your $20 PSP Headset right? Good, so what are you waiting for punk, get outta here and let us know how it goes.
- I can't wait to update to the latest firmware!!! My Chotto camera got it's own mic, I will update again once the test is completed!!! Wireless@SG soon at the locations tested previously by me hehe.

New Creative Ear Phones (W-Creative EP230) for my PSP!

I just bought a relatively cheap Creative ear phones at VivoCity Challanger Superstore and it looks cool and the sound quality is way above the normal head phones of the same price range.

The last head phones got those retractable hair eater that kept on tugging on my hair every single second! I had to buy this new ear phones so that I won't go bald after some time :)

I say for SGD$9.00 is a great find at Challanger Superstore!