Wooot...Some random photos on my Aquariums

This is my lobster trying to climb up the plants to escape the aquarium! He is not the only one doing that since his "band of brothers" are below cheering him on and they will be next in line to try to escape themselves! Haha

One of the biggest one I name "Mat" which is the famous terrorist that happened to had escaped and not found till now. The biggest lobster mat had escaped previously and terrorist my parents under the sofa.

The photo on the right is Mat fighting with his brother...they love to clash together sometimes but usually non-fatal. I heard they will fight furiously to win the position to mate with the female crayfish.

I don't know if there are any female crayfish "aka freshwater lobster" in the tank as they all look the same to me. Behind is their lovely accommodation of quality PVC and Active Carbon Bamboo Charcoal "tube Condominium" that they retreat in daily for their much needed rest from their daily "escape routine"

The left photo is my 10 cm Soon Hock (aka Oxyeleotris marmorata) and yes it's optical illusion to look bigger in the photo but in fact it's a baby soon hock.

The weird thing is this baby guppy is so daring to park itself below this fish killer (Soon Hock eat small fishes and anything that can fit into it's mouth)...I guess this soon hock had just eaten too many small fishes to fit in more food....haha. It's almost amazing to see them sneak up on these small fishes and GULP!!! No more small fish! Left only a horrifying memory of a swallowed fish...once happily swimming innocently around the tank. Do not put your prize fishes with Soon Hock or it will be the only fish remaining in the end.

It can be Only One...(Highlander music playing loudly)