Random Photos of HDB Flats Near My Block

This is a random photo of hdb building near my block, it resembles condominium yet it's a HDB flat. Nowadays, you cannot differentiate them anymore.

This is the sheltered walkway to other blocks, this is connected ALL the way to the MRT. The MRT track conveniently covered parts of the walkway, I remembered I had mentioned the idea to our minister during his walkabout prior to election about the possibility of a pavement below the MRT tracks and he at first cite financial feasibility but I mentioned about kids jumping large drain under the MRT tracks during a heavy down pour will eventually lead to accident and he taken note of that and sure enough the covered walkway was built.

This is the grand HDB ground floor, the lights are no longer using those old fashion florescent tubes but instead these energy saving light bulbs that resembles spot lights.

The surround area also comes with BBQ pits, half basketball court, small fenced soccer (resembles those indoor ones), multiple activity covered areas, artificial lake, nice garden lights, many chairs for old folks to rest and hang around friends.

There is also a coffee shop right next to my block but closes early at 9.30pm, there is also 2 soft drinks vending machines below my block because there is a community centre and include a public toilet.

Here, most of the dwellers are from en-bloc from Hill View Ave like my family and got this place rather cheap due to the en-bloc (Government Chase us from the old HDB at hill view to here) and some of them sold their unit soon after the 5 years maturity to gain a big $$$.

I intend to stay for as long as possible unless there is a total economic collapse...which will force use to sell the house and stay in rented houses or migrate overseas...to my friend's place.

Life is peaceful here and pretty safe, there is also a secret late above the hill that nobody suppose to go...it gave 24/7 water flows down the drain beside the MRT tracks which represent good fortune always. That's all for my little update here... :)