The Real Hustle - more!!

The Real Hustle - The Thai Gem Scam

Be careful of scams that take your greed as your weakness...When it's too good to be's probably is!!

The Real Hustle - The Ring Reward Rip-Off

The Real Hustle - Fake Doctor

The rules apply no matter who they are...don't break rules for anyone even if they are someone of respectable or of high authority.

Real Hustle - WiFi scam

Holy shit!! I just quickly goes to change my Modem Security to WPA!!! Shit! I had been using WEP for so long I don't know that it's so easily hacked! Shitty!

The Real Hustle - The Change Raising Con

ALL Cashier should watch this video!! This is becoming a good education tool!!

The Real Hustle - The Rigged Dice Rip-Off

Gamblers beware!

The Real Hustle - The Cash Machine Con

This is horrible!!! I will kick any people that is inside!!

The Real Hustle - Hotel Key Switch

HOLY SHIT! This is good advice from The Real Hustle! No more Room Service!!!

The Real Hustle - Don't Get Conned

When it's too good to be true, it probably is!
- After watching this clip I actually remembered that I was actually conned in the street!! GOSH! There were 2 respectable dressing China guy one man and another lady approached me on the street and ask me for money to take a cab back to their hotel...which they say they forget change for local currencies out of their hotel and no money changer in sight...need to go for a meeting or something. They even pass me a name card with Chinese words...and overseas China telephone number. They promise to call me back and give me back my $20 but after few months...I kinda forgotten about it!! HOLY SHIT!

This is really shitty siah...I had never thought that I had been conned before!