This is starting to be The Real Hustle Channel yeah?

The Real Hustle - The Bogus Magazine Scam

The Real Hustle - The Car Jack

The Real Hustle - The Origami Scam

OMG!! This is wicked!

The Real Hustle - Scratch Card Swindle

Scam Alert Tips: If you are required to pay money to get something that you have won or have to hand over credit card details to someone you don't know...or won something that you have not even enter's probably a scam!

The Real Hustle - The Map Scam

I lost a phone on a table before...but I think it's because I had forgotten to take it when I left that coffee shop...but it's only for 5 minutes and it's gone! Gosh..

The Real Hustle - Propostion Bet 2

That's My KFC!

The Real Hustle - The Monte


The Real Hustle - Distraction Steals

My sister had lost her bag in a car previously in Malaysia...but that is not exactly a distraction but a very careless mistake...or is it? Maybe it's just because it's lack of attention of her belonging...when going overseas, be constantly aware of your belonging!

I almost had my belonging stolen while in a tutu van in Indonesia as these "White Taxi" are co-sharing with other passenger along the way just like a bus will but just smaller in space...My bag are secretly unzipped while I am distracted and if not for my friend beside me watching the thief sternly...I might have a very unhappy holiday!

The Real Hustle - The Software Steal

No wonder Apple Sales got so many look out in the Apple Stores these days hahaa...I kinda forget to password my laptop at work! Shitty!

The Real Hustle - The Car Park Con

Anyone got hit by such con before???

The Real Hustle - The Torn Note Scam

Wah Shitty man...

The Real Hustle - The Pinch-Push Pocket-Pick

No More baggy jeans and no more wallet in the back pocket!!

The Real Hustle - Small Ads Scam

Online Shoppers BEWARE! Get all the dimension and details before buying!!!

The Real Hustle - Home Alone

What is the number to call to find out if the police is really the police? HOLY SHIT...999? "Hello? Police? I am trying to find out if the police in front of me is a real police....yah..badge number ...bang bang!"

The Real Hustle - The CoinToss Con

Well...drinker beware! Haha Lucky I don't drink

The Real Hustle - Fairground Scam - Tin Cans

The Real Hustle - Casino Gambling Devices

Pretty important video for Integrated Resort Casino coming up!!