The Real Hustle!!

The Real Hustle - The Psychic Scam

Holy!! I just recently have a fortune read by a very vague fortune teller in Bugis!! There are not even a magic notepad! I hope Psychic tricks don't trick people that often...This made me more a skeptic then before...and to think I paid $ for that fortune teller! Haiz

The Real Hustle - Keylogger Scam

This is similar to phishing and do not let anyone know your user name and password...and be familiar with your keyboard!! I think it's best to MARK your keyboard with a signature or something to identify it. For now...I believe that internet banking is dangerous! The Additional Security feature for internet banking such as a physical key chain password generator does help but I am not so sure if that can be hacked too! Starting to get paranoid!

The Real Hustle - The Long Stick

When I was young and was locked out of my own house...I had beg my neighbor for a broom stick with hanger hook and managed to open my wooden door (doors that open with a horizontal push to the side) from the corridor window. My house key are hung just on the back of the wooden door and with a shake of the opened door...the key drops!

And with a long ruler that I had for home work...I fished the key out from the bottom of the door...and managed to enter my house at last! That prompts me not to put my key on my door ever again and locked my old metal windows every time I go home!

Be very careful with anyone that has a LONG STICK in your neighborhood!!

The Real Hustle - Proposition Bet - How To Get Free Drinks

This is a nice trick!