The Real Hustle - Power

The Real Hustle - 3 Way Lift

Be very very careful with open pockets and bags!

The Real Hustle - Nim

No betting for me!

The Real Hustle - The Jewellery Shop Scam

Just the problem of proving themselves as policemen is hard as giving a number from the bad guys might lead to another scam! Hmm

The Real Hustle - The Courier con

Another educational video for the receptionist!

HOLY shit! I remembered someone on the street ask me to borrow my hand phone to call someone urgently and together with a child to keep me busy while the mother make a call for at least 15 minutes with me getting impatient! She apologized profusely but I am not very certain if that was a scam of similar proportion but will be on a look out for such scams! Like refusing to borrow hand phones and for receptionist is to call for them on their behalf!

The Real Hustle - The BH Wallet Scam

Good educational video for waitress!

The Real Hustle - auction/sale scam

Gosh, These are very evil sales technique!!

The Real Hustle - The Hardware Hustle

This is horrible! No Upgrade for me! I am doing it myself...just pass me the RAM!

The Real Hustle - Fake Postal Services

Holy shit! Just last week or something someone send a envelope to the office without a stamp and had to pay for the postage and luckily we recognize the sender! It seems that postal services are easily trusted!

The Real Hustle - The Boiler Suit Blag

The Real Hustle - The Murphy Game

Bargain rarely come looking for you, unless there is a catch!

The Real Hustle - The Vintage Clothing Scam

Now now...those recycle bags I had been receiving ..hmmm

The Real Hustle - The White House Scam

No Wonder some shopping malls uses stickers to stick on the bags or even sealed the shopping bag completely with a sticker or tie-up plastic. I guess these people are simply too clever...for their own good!

The Real Hustle - Boot Popping

If your doors are unlock...the chances are your boot are unlock too!! CHANGE YOUR SETTINGS!! I don't have a car but will definitely tell people about this!!