The Real Hustle - gd educational videos man!

The Real Hustle - The Black Money Blag

The Real Hustle - The Drop Swindle

I heard about the a similar scam, a pimp call a victim up on random one day and ask the victim (guy) to be a male prostitute for a day and promises all kinds of pretty customers (Japanese tourist) dying to part with their money for escort males and some other special services!

The Hustle then asked many questions like what is the descriptions of the victim and try to ask specific questions to "interview" him for the job and eventually ask the victim to bank transfer the "down payment" to be a male prostitute. The offer of a lucrative "job" and have some "fun" seems like a great deal and the victim falls for it.

The hustle then text the victim the location for a rich customer to come meet you and eventually nobody came. The number was no longer entertained and the police cannot help the victim as it's illegal to be a male prostitute. So the victim had been Hustled money without even seeing the Con Man and the best part is the police cannot even help the victim! No warning is possible in the police side too...So be very careful on things that are too good to be probably is! :)

The Real Hustle - The Fake Concierge Scam

The Real Hustle - Fish Van Scam

The Real Hustle - Counterfeit Cash

Never Assume! Check every note possible under the UV Lights...if possible on 24 hours a day near the cashier.

The Real Hustle - The Card Catcher

Always...always COVER YOUR PIN NUMBER while keying it at the ATM!!

The Real Hustle - Fake Estate Agent

With the spike in property prices recently, it is best that people look out for such pressure tactics to make people put down deposit immediately.

The Real Hustle - The Bag & Pin Snatch

This is pretty hard to prevent as most people who are so shocked during the lost of their property cannot think properly...NEVER EVER GIVE OUT YOUR PIN NUMBER!! EVER!

The Real Hustle - The Bogus Workmen Scam

People with 2 floors houses, this one is for you!

The Real Hustle - The Razor Blade Steal

Those back packers! Keep valuable only in the MAIN compartments not at the small pocket on the surface of the back packs!

The Real Hustle - The WiFi Scam

NEVER EVER Send Sensitive information such as Credit Card Information Over Wireless Connection! So be very careful!

The Real Hustle - The Postman scam

Wah...keep your purse under ZIPPED or Lock or something!! These guys are good!

The Real Hustle - Problem With Cheques

NEVER Write A cheque with someone's else PEN! If you carry a cheque around, bring your own trusted pen along!!

The Real Hustle - Airport Scams

Travelers BEWARE!! Make your baggage distinctively yours! Add some colors and special decoration to your baggages so that it's very easy to spot. For those smaller bags, bring along with you if possible.

The Real Hustle - Fairground Scams: The Pendulum Swindle

Luckily I never encounter a Pendulum game in any fair...but I ever try those rubber bullets air-gun type...and it seems to be rigged as hell!! Maybe I am a really bad shooter! LOL

The Real Hustle - Champagne Charlie

This is sick! Now salesman are even harder to make ends meet! No wonder when I was a Bank Business Loan Executive doing door to door...the clerk nearly threw me out almost every time...haha...and business cards are hard to get indeed!

The Real Hustle - The Window Tap

Always keep your bags in sight!!

The Real Hustle - The Hire-Car Scam

The Real Hustle - Raver Rip-Off

Oh...those Aunty or Uncles trying to sell us the lottery tickets in coffee shops...hmmm I had never bought any...but I will think 3 more times before buying any!! LOL

The Real Hustle - Proposition Bet - How To Get Free Drinks

The Real Hustle - Counterfeit Cash

This is the criminal Conspiracy that owned the victims just like the previous post of the story about pimp calling to "interview" the guy to be a male "escort". Be vigilant it's it too good to be probably is!

The Real Hustle - The I.D Theft Hustle

In Singapore, this is a lot harder to achieve as I had worked in a credit card company previously and it does need lot's of other additional documents photocopy such as Identity Card/EP/Passport/Notice of Assessment/CFP Contribution History/Existing Credit Card Photocopy and of course come to think about's rather dangerous for the bank to send us out to the streets applying credit cards for the public in the ATM!!! That's the old is the road shows...hmmm how much you actually trust them?