A talented friend who sings well deserve my vote!

I found a Jeanne on youtube some time back and she sings like heavenly! Honestly she has the voice of a real singer and got a nice way of singing the songs. Some of her songs are written by her and gosh...I am not ashamed to say I am one of her fans now!

She do have the talent and the voice, she may look ordinary now but will be a dashing star if she have some make over. I believe that she is definitely the future singer talent that will make it!

She got my vote in the website, do listen to her songs and vote honestly! :)

Go here to vote! http://www.songsiwrite.com/profile.asp?id=songs-1063

Simon Tay

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Anonymous said...

Xie Xie... =)


Anonymous said...

What are some of the songs you like from her?

Simon Tay said...

Next to Me

is nice :)

Jimmoo said...

HI Jean, your songs are just great. Keep the new songs coming ok ! You are my fanz !

Save the Earth said...

Go join some talent search so that more people will know you. Your songs are very original and people will love it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all of you that like my songs. Thanks for the support too. Love ya all


Koll said...

Your songs are wonderful jeanne. You are going to be a star. Let your songs be heard throughout the world

Anonymous said...

I love you songs but can you don't cover your face?

wei ling said...

Jeanne, are you a Singaporean ? Just to let you know I love your songs especially 'Next to Me'

Anonymous said...

hi wei lin, I am indo-chinese =)
I got the acoustic version for next to me without the background. I ll upload it. Thanks alot that you all like my songs. I don't show my face cuz i shy type. Lols
Btw, would like to big thank to SIMON of course, the rating is going up double!! haha. xie xie.

Jimmoo said...

Jeanne, don't be shy lah, haha. You must be confident of yourself. I am happy that the rating are going up. I am spreading the website to all my friends also and they all like your songs. So next time you must treat Simon and myself lunch ok.

Anonymous said...

Jimmo.. Lol.. sure no prob!
Thanks for everything!