Felt a earthquake in Bugis area (SINGAPORE) !!! 12 September 2007

I am in office right now opposite beach road and just now felt a rather mild earthquake but it's a long one! The intensity is mild as I am at the lower level but it last approximated 1 minute at short time after 7pm (previously I thought is 7.30pm) hmmm

This is my first time experiencing a earthquake!! So scary...can see the monitor sway slightly and the water move slightly in the water dispenser. It's like the first time when you stand up and feel the legs wobbling and computer LCD panels shaking...you know there are something up!
Probably because I am in a lower level office hence the quake doesn't feel too bad...but I cannot imagine those in the high rise office building doing their over time!! Must be dramatic!

Share your experience leh!!

Anyone felt that???

Updates!! Just search and found this website that have the latest information on the earthquake that I just felt! It started 12 September 2007 at 07:10PM (Singapore Time) The quake is 7.9 (not sure) on Richter scale and Tsunami might be generated but will not affect Singapore!!

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Simon Tay

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Wei Ling said...

All my fish jumped out from the fish tank

Simon Tay said...

Hi Wei Ling,

Seriously!! Where did you stay? High floors? The fish must be really frighten!

wei ling said...

I stay around the west area. The fish can sense the quake before it happens. It's amazing!

Simon Tay said...

I stay at bukit batok area! what a coincidence! Haha maybe can come out have a chat! :)

Jimmoo said...

Your fish got six sense is it ? I wish my hamsters can sense an earthquake coming too, lol !