Hello Ubuntu!

The world of Ubuntu just literary hit me like a big stone, why didn't I install this earlier and learn the Ubuntu way? It's so awesome and geeky that only the geeks will understand what is Ubuntu and the Linux method of control, manipulated and conquer.

I had just installed my Ubuntu 7.04 to my AMD 64 bit ATI X600 Radeon and the world of 64 bit computing just opened up like a can of fresh tomatoes! First the maze of geeky errors when I first install it...and how many bugs there was and need to be "configured" to be working perfectly. There is this community of professional geeks or programmers are out there helping the newbies. The problems I had faced will be the same as others with the same system. I will write more about my problems later...but just to let you guys know that I am not dead hehe...just been too busy lately haha.


Kenji said...

The best played online game on earth right now.


Puchase it early to avoid disappointment.