A Fun Day At Singapore

This Is a "Singapore Blair Witch Project" Do you think anyone will be lost in the woods? Of course Not! :)

This monkey is just minding his own businesses and the I was breathing heavily because of my Asthmatic condition while climbing long flight of stairs after the Tree Top Walk haha...This monkey got attitude woah!

In Singapore Mac Ritchie Reservoir & Park, We come across a few wells that are spread across the park...this one scare the shit out of us!!

Do check out the last second of the film...what is that!?

On a good Sunday Morning of 19th August 2007, I went to Mac Ritchie Reservoir & Park with my buddy Jimmy to "take a hike" and walk the HSBC Tree Top Walk and we have some fine time talking and laughing while we explore the "wilderness" of the park. It's not really empty on a Sunday Morning as there are many visitors to the park. We can see almost 2 visitors passing us every 5 minutes in while walking the semi-muddy foot path.


Jimmoo said...

Tips for a hike to HSBC TreeTop Walk

Singapore's weather is generally hot and humid all year round, with the average temperatures ranging from 25 to 33 degree Celsius. Rainy season occurs between mid-November to late January. Visitors can expect occasional storms, which are unpredictable and usually last for half to an hour.

Appropriate clothing would be loose-fitting cotton shirts and long pants, which help to keep insects at bay and are suitable for outdoor walking/trekking in our forests. Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers are recommended.

Useful items to bring: mini first-aid kit; ample supply of bottled water; insect repellent; a sturdy umbrella; a large outdoor hat; a small towel; a walking stick and a change of clothing.

It is not advisable to bring young children less than six years of age. Bothered by the heat and humidity, the little ones usually find the walk/trek too tough.

Be sure to be in good health before you make the trip. It is a challenging walk for anyone who does not walk/trek regularly.

Do not eat any fruits or plants that you see along the way, unless you know they are edible.

Do not stray away from other walkers/trekkers. There is safety in numbers

Do not take unnecessary risks such as climbing rocks and trees.

Do have a good meal at least an hour before the walk.

Do not bring food into the reserves. If you have to, please eat at appropriate locations and remove all litter.

Dogs and pets are not allowed into the nature reserves. Domestic pets are still animals and may disturb wild species. Their inadvertent droppings or discharges will also create confusing scent trails or marks for the wild fauna that live in the forest.

Do not take any natural things out of the reserves including leaves, roots, and branches. It is a serious offence to do so. Any tiny act of irresponsibility when multiplied will have a disastrous impact on our forests ecology and micro-systems.

Do pay attention to signs and notice boards that are both informative and directive. The educational information will enhance your trip and make it more worthwhile.

It is the total experience that counts. Do not treat the trip as just a good exercise. Take time to enjoy the walk. Be alert to the little things at your feet and listen to the natural sounds. Try to notice the movements of the flora and fauna. There are attractive patterns to observe and many beautiful insects to admire.

Kenji said...

Is this place haunted?

Simon Tay said...

So you like a bit of Ghost Hunting in the seventh Month? It's a place where danger lurks...the place is muddy and slippery easy to fall to serious injury...if not careful...

Not recommended to go at night...it's a very very long walk....haha

The place is nice for a morning walk but treacherous at rainy days so be very careful!!

Not a good place to run around seeking ghost...maybe end up like one...or fall into the Reservoir and get munched by the fishes haha

kenji said...

Any reason why we can't feed the monkeys there ?

Simon Tay said...

I am not totally sure why we cannot feed the monkeys but those monkeys are very aggressive when food is thrown at them, they can fight among themselves and follow you around. The more food you throw at them the more daring they become...

When you come too near them, they will grab your belongings and run into the trees...like mobile phones, food, plastic bags and other stuff so keep your distance.

kenji said...

What happen if it rain halfway into the hike? Any shelter to take cover?

Jimmoo said...

Best to bring along a small umbrella or disposable poncho just in case it rain during the hike. I notice there are some shelthered shed along the way but not sure the exact location. A good time to start the hike is early morning as is less likely to rain.

I strongly encourage everyone to take a few hours on a sunday or saturday morning to go there and walk. Is very relaxing and good for health.