Digg to find what people like!

I finally tried to search through some of these social networking sites such as digg.com and realized that Digg.com happen to set some kind of benchmarking system for websites! It seems that the more people digg on a website may means the more popular it is!

I just found this fantastic website that I maybe wasting lot's of time on is LikeVid.com which have a index of around 350 TV like channels you can watch in your browser. Some are really cool....but it's build to work best in IE and crappy on firefox...which lot's of comments stated.

Personally I found the bug of likevid.com is the inability to view full screen in firefox...so boo on that!

The feedback in digg.com does it's best in the voting system with the best benchmarking ever for any sites. If anyone wants to make a successful site with valuable feedback should register digg.com!! :)

That's all for now...time to go...likevid.com for some nice videos! :)


Ian said...

They just stole from http://www.freetube.us.tc which works in Firefox and IE, and has fullscreen. Likevid is nothing new btw, they are run by the same guys as choosewatch who again just steals.

Simon Tay said...

These sites don't have their own contents...unfortunately I agreed about the stealing part.

The problem with intellectual property is how viral the content is. The new web 2.0 websites usually allow user of website to create their own contents but does not stop them from uploading other people's content as well.

The future of news network or entertainment might not be those expensive channels anymore as just ONE person decided to upload to a P2pTV you get a hundred users to watch that channel will again stream to thousands.

How can we protect against lost of intellectual property?

If we cannot fight them....join them. Network can tap on such resources to make their channels a wider audience.

The result will be tremendous if millions of website starts to stream that popular channel to the world...imagine that your TV network can boast a million web caster to your advertiser?