New Movie "Cloverfield" Trailer!!

This trailer seems to be a amateurish hand held video clip but end up a ultimate trailer for the next coming movie!!! January 18 2008!!! It's one movie I am going to catch! :)

Doing some research on this movie and seems like the mystery surrounding this movie is pretty effective viral marketing technique. First I found the website containing some photos of the movie with no indication of what the movie is about, then I found apple trailer on this movie with name 01.18.08 written as the movie title strangely able to find this trailer using the name "Cloverfield" at google. So the name Cloverfield did represent the movie somewhat...but according to wikipedia, it's just a code name for the sci fiction movie by J. J. Abrams.
The website contain some mystery as well, using the mouse to move the photos around seems to accidentally "flip" the photos over and some writings are found behind 2 photos. The writings may give some clues to what exactly this movie is about but it may also mean nothing.

Anyone that have any idea what this mysterious movie is about do let me's been described as "Godzilla meet Blair Witch Project" video style. The effects seems to be spectacular to me. So, the next coming movie of 2008 to be in my MUST WATCH list!!