Boring life

Today I work up feeling heavy and lack of's like the world had pushed me down on my bed heavily and force me to think twice about waking up and do the normal daily things. Like eat lunch and surf the net. It's been like this for a few weeks.

There are things to be to be cut, hobby project to complete, books to read, blog to update, friends to catch up with and many things....

What is the most interesting thing that crosses my life? Love? Sex? Horror movies? Peak Oil? Sarcastic comments in my no that is most disgusting thing...haha...

I think it will be peak oil but love comes close to second.

Some times I don't understand women or maybe women don't understand a strange me. lol

I prefer less troubles...less headaches and heart breaks hence been single for so long...but now do long for a comforting smile and hug...but not those friends that give sarcastic jokes and sneer at my inability to express my feelings.

I can only ignore them...and continue with my life.

I tries to fill my mind with all the problem solving things and solving peak oil...and doing my work.

It's just getting boring...maybe I am not happy...who knows? What can I do?


Jimmoo said...

Yo, feeling lifeless ? Time to go for treetop walk again ! Some excercise will do you a lot better. Suggest every morning do about 60 push ups and 60 sit ups and you will be fresh for work.

Jimmoo said...

Yeah. Time to be positive in your workplace !