My DIY Enhanced Night Vision Mod for PSP

Enhancement PSP Nightvision - The most popular videos are here
This mod I soldered overnight learning from Metacafe's kipkay video on the IR Led modification and's night vision modification to PSP Camera.

It's not fantastic now as the IR LEDs are normal 2-3Volts type not the super bright ones used by KipKay.


Eem DanjrR said...

Heyz Bro!
This is the coolest PSP mod i've seen so far. Infrared LEDs for "invisible night-lighting".SI PEH AWESOME LEH!!!

Simon Tay said...


Thankz Bro! :)
Haven't been modding the PSP camera this while...I had some super bright Infra-Red LED waiting for me to put new housing and update this mod with more distance in the invisible - lighting ^_^

Too bad recently I quite bz and stuff...