My Cherry Shrimps MULTIPLIED!!! hahahahahaha

I had bought 1 month back about 20 cherry shrimps from local fish shops at Clementi (C238).

I done the following.

  1. Transferred some "cycled" water from the other fish tank into a new tank.
  2. Put in new water + few drops of "de-chlorine" solution
  3. Put in 2 bags of blackish blue stones (look light blue when in water)
  4. Put in 2 sponge air bubble filter (shrimp friendly)
  5. Put in the Cherry Shrimps (Very hardy for this species)
  6. Put some Taiwan Moss or ferns in
  7. Put a 55 Watt lights on top
  8. Put a overhead fan and on it 24/7
  9. Put a digital aquarium thermometer inside and make it below 29 degree Celsius
  10. Feed the cherry shrimps with "Japanese" label food found in C238 twice a day
  11. If found moldy food, fish it out.
  12. Wait for them to breed!!!

This is what I have right now!