Helping my friend to set up a Pico Tank!!

My friend Felix had asked me a favor which he disguise it as a "along the way" kind of thingy set up his small shrimp tank.

This is a very plain set up since not much space is available with some of the hair grass cannibalized from my main planted tank.

You can click on the photo for a larger image to see clearer, I had also donated him about 10 cherries & Sakura shrimps for a beginner start up tank.

The water is from my cycled tank but not sure if the water will have any effect on new soil & tank.

The photo on the right shows some of the red cherries flocking around the tank visibly shocked at the new surrounding and had been swimming in circles for a few hours now.

I do hope they can get used to it soon or I had to put them back into the crowded main tank. own me a meal on this!!


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