Internet first try.

I had never trusted internet banking...even after many advertisement and persuasions from friends...but the times had changed and it's time to take up investing as well...using a internet banking account.

My friend given me the direct link to DBS Internet Banking Application URL.

Seems like a pretty secure I decided to try it out.

Lowem recommended FundSuperMart for start...and it's my first try so it's very exciting to go to the edge that I have never been able to invest the hard earn money...into something ...the unknown...

The reason I had quit the 4D lottery back few years ago because I had won 1st prize $7000 on my birth date 2178...and systematically lose everything back within a short period of time. It's a lucky beginner's luck. Since then, I realized that gambling is not the way to earn money and there are no free lunch in this world.

Investment seems like a much more challenging way to needs lot's of research and understanding of economics. There are several "experts" that love to let everyone know that they are right about some stuff but it's hard to trust or believe everything people say especially their rice bowls depends on it.

So no fund managers for me, as a peak oil believer...(future oil depletion causing energy crisis) I seems to able to grasp some idea behind oil prices and possible future price may be. The prediction might always be on the high side with profit taking on occasion. The news to look out for oil prices are almost all similar...and I know where to find these news the fastest possible time.

Oil, the most influential commodity ever will affects several other commodities such as Gold, Silver, Uranium, Grain, Lithium and companies that are related to nuclear energy or renewable energies. Biofuel and some other stuff as the new era of investment is out....the peak oil event might be the one news most investors can only dream of...

Beware of the future thou, investment can only exist if the basic economic infrastructure are available to trade...and the cost of trading is lower. Given the examples of a total meltdown of the economy such as a depression based on exaggerated high cost of energy that fuel the electricity, transportation and food production (fertilizer is natural gas and pesticides are oil) plus political and social chaos...investment might be jeopardize severely...

But of won't be total shut down of the trading centre unless there is a major black out like those countries that having rolling black outs due to the high "demand" that overshot the power generation capacities...of the power plants. Usually these electricity will be given priorities to trading and essential facilities like hospitals and Police maintain order...but it will affect many other areas like manufacturing, retails and residential housing...creating higher cost of electricity.

Now....invest or not...well unless there is world war will always be there and no matter what we bet on futures trading...or the research well...before jumping right into the heart of it...of course with a good friend that are well verse into guide you along will be the best. Hehe

Thanks Lowem!