Learning a new programming language: Ruby

Website programming used to be simple...basic HTML + some dynamic javascript and graphics (gif,jpg) but it all changes dramatically over the years and we witness the birth of web applications using PHP, ASP, JSP, JAVA, .NET and database driven forums and websites that spit out dynamically changing websites that had join the programmers and the users.

The challenge today is to create a website that is user friendly to non-IT literate users to use and navigate the website, such as creating a panel to allow users to change the website contents without writing a single code....much like a blog that some non-IT users are using right now to share their ideas and thoughts. It's using those WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) interfaces that allow users to become content creators and no longer spend hours to format a HTML files and change the color of the website and fonts since there are CSS to set these to format the whole website to conform to a single standard.

The new ruby language is like a simplistic language that "should" not take forever to setup, debug and maintain....from what I had read from the books...it should be relatively quick to start a website with full blog capabilities within 15 minutes and possibly able to present to clients within a few days of designing....instead of the previous languages that need plenty of planning, configuration and eventually need lot's of time to debug....so Ruby should be a simple language to learn.

The first site I am using to learn ruby right now is http://tryruby.hobix.com which let me try out the various capabilities of ruby...and frankly...I am amazed on how advanced Ruby is...it's like a AI (Artificial Intelligence) program that I had tried long time ago that can detect and understand what you are trying to write and spit out the right answers base on what you had asked!

I will continue to update this page using the category/label "Ruby on Rails" on my journey of learning this programming language!