"Mat Salamat" Lobster Escaped My Aqurium 2 times!

Yes, I have 4 lobsters that I had caught at Little Guilin yesterday afternoon and one of them is nickname "Mat Salamat" the escape artist.

The first time it escaped is when I switch off the 55 Watts lights to the aquarium and I heard a "thud" sound under the table while I am there...and I bend down to see it crawling slowly to freedom...haha..quickly picked it up with my net and put it back to the aquarium.

Not knowing it's characteristic I didn't secure the top of the tank until later in the night just now...I went to inspect the tank and sure enough it's no longer inside.

I searched high and low for the lobster and eventually found it resting under my sofa!!How on earth? Ok, this time round I promptly covered the tank with a 2 feet glass and some orange translucent sheets that I had bought previously to prevent wild fishes from jumping out of the tank.

Two heavy object also placed on top of it and keeping my finger crossed...it will not jump out again. After researching online, I found out that they are famous escape artist and attack fishes at night when they sleep as well...gosh.. I think I need to take it out and put in a pail of water or something...sucks.

I hope the fishes can survive tonight...without being crawled to death in their sleep otherwise that lobster is going to see the frying pan tomorrow!! Hot Spicy Chili lobster anyone??!!

Ok, looks like I need another tank dedicated for it to roam and enjoy itself without hurting other fishes... not sure if lobster can breed... but the color is pretty nice. I will try to upload photos tomorrow....if I got time.

Now I can only pray hard....nothing will happen to my fishes now sleeping with the predator...name "salamat"This is My Naughty "Mat Salamat" That escaped twice in a day!!