My Cherry Red Shrimp is giving birth!!

The video is fresh from the oven and hope youtube can show it clearly. I caught my shrimp giving birth in the breeding tank yesterday night (early morning) and captured the kodak moment with my PsP camera armed together with a magnifying glass.

I am so proud of my cherry red shrimps!! They are fast breeders!! I have a total of 6 pregnant shrimps in the breeding tank and all are giving me shrimp babies!!

Hopefully all of them can survive long enough to grow up...they had a rough start when I found 4 shrimp babies trapped in my air bubble filter!! I rushed to clementi fish shop and bought the breeder tank and rushed back to rescue these baby shrimps from my bubble filter medium and put them securely in the breeding tank!!

Now, I am a happy owner of 40+++ baby cherry red shrimps!! yay!!